A Reputation for Consistent Accuracy

The systematic team method used by Peachtree has been honed over the course of hundreds of Bible projects and decades of experience. We work with all those involved in the complex process of Bible development—editors, typesetters, copyright holders, translators, designers, scholars, and authors of study and devotional material within specialty Biblesto help ensure success and accuracy for each project.


Level 1: scan

A scan is most often used for a plaintext Bible with few (if any) additional features, drawing from a database that has been read often before. Having intimate knowledge of more than forty translations, including how to access any copyright updates, we protect our clients from copyright infringement and their translations from stray errors. We maintain up-to-date copy for most major translations. We verify that all translation requirements—such as verses, subject heads, footnotes, special settings, and line spaces—are present and consistently set correctly. We read subject heads and footnotes against copy. We ensure that all typesetting elements—such as running heads, page numbers, word breaks, fonts, page and spread alignments—are correct and consistent, per client preferences.

Timing: 8 weeks

Level 2: read for sense

All scan services included. We read the beginnings and endings of paragraphs against copy and then read the interior of each paragraph to confirm it makes sense. We keep copy close by to authenticate anything questionable, i.e., spelling, italicized words, small cap “Lord,” etc. Because of our familiarity with each translation, we know the unique elements to watch. A read for sense is used when the database is stable, but added features on the page involve manipulation of the Scripture text.

Timing: 12 weeks

Level 3: full proofread

All scan services included. This is the most extensive proofreading service we offer, and it is ideal for new translations; when a publisher is new to Bibles; or when a typesetter has limited experience with Bibles. We do a word-for-word comparison of the Bible text against copy. For new translations, we recommend the best value for a client is to do a level 3: proofread on the first Bible, a level 2: read for sense on the second Bible, and assuming the database is stable, a level 1: scan for future typesettings.

Timing: 16 weeks

Other Services

Unique projects call for unique services. In addition to our primary Bible services listed above, our seasoned proofreading team can also provide specific services upon request, such as the following:

  • Proofread study Bible notes and features.
  • Check conversion of supplemental material from one translation to another, ensuring editorial and style accuracy.
  • Proofread cross-reference systems, concordances, and indexes.
  • Prepare style manuals for translations, capturing the nuances of the translation committee’s choices.
  • Work in other Bible-related genres, such as trade books, commentaries, dictionaries, lectionaries, and missals.

We work together with our publishing partners to create the right mix of services to fit your vision for your product.